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Protect Your Health With a Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. We know that sounds scary, but the good news is that we can often treat lung cancer if we find it early. That's why screenings are so important.

It's recommended that you get an annual lung cancer screening if you're between the ages of 55-80, have a history of heavy smoking, or have smoked within the last 15 years. Your primary care doctor can help you decide if a screening is right for you.

At Sovah Health - Danville, our trusted lung cancer specialists make lung screenings fast, accurate, and painless. 

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Why Choose Us?

At Sovah Health - Danville, we use low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) to screen for lung cancer. LDCT provides much more detailed images of your lungs than a standard X-ray, allowing us the opportunity to detect cancer at even the earliest stages. Furthermore, the procedure is quick, painless and non-invasive.

This technology means you have access to fast, accurate screening and diagnosis for lung cancer—right here in your community.

If you're interested in an LDCT lung screening, we can help you get a referral from your primary care doctor. Just click below or give us a call today at 844.902.1215!

Lung cancer doesn't typically cause any noticeable symptoms in its early stages. But symptoms can vary depending on the type of lung cancer and where it is located. Here are the most common symptoms to watch for:

• Persistent cough
• Coughing up blood
• Persistent respiratory infections (like bronchitis or pneumonia)
• Chest pain that gets worse when coughing or laughing
• Hoarseness
• Fatigue and shortness of breath

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Signs & Symptoms of Lung Cancer

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